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Many might think that downhill biking is meant only for the brave, courageous or for those who are looking for a rush of adrenaline. There are many people who don’t fall into one of these categories, yet benefit significantly from downhill biking. In this post we’ll show you that anyone can benefit from downhill biking – especially those who think that they’re not up for this kind of demanding and hard sport.

The uniqueness of downhill biking is that it combines many elements in one sport. The combination of technical biking challenges while riding down a slope with high speed and the different challenges which are added while riding in remote and unique locations – provide bike riders with intense and challenging situations. This kind of experience can assist riders in boosting their self esteem and self confidence in their ability to overcome other difficulties in life.

There have been many studies which have shown that mountain biking, specifically downhill biking, helps riders overcome other difficulties in life. Throughout the past few years many therapists have been using mountain biking as a means of therapy. All of the studies and therapists which have experienced and researched the effects of mountain biking have come to the conclusion that mountain biking does wonders not only to one’s physical health, but also to one’s mental health and self esteem. Downhill biking is known as a successful way for boosting and promoting teens who suffer from low self esteem and weak social skills.

Therefore, next time you consider Downhill Mountain biking, think about the many benefits you can derive from it. You don’t necessarily have to become a professional downhill biker in order to enjoy these benefits.Come enjoy a downhill biking vacation – the benefits will be soon to come.


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Mount Feathertop is the second-highest mountain in the Australian state of Victoria. It rises to 1,922 metres (6,306 feet) AHD. Snow remaining in the summit gullies in spring give the appearance of feathers – hence the name “Feathertop”.


Mountain Ash forest predominantly covers the lower slopes, transitioning to snowgums above 1,000 metres. Above the treeline there is alpine grass and herbs.

Access routes

The main access routes are the Razorback, Bungalow Spur and the North-West Spur. The Razorback is a very popular walk in summer and it is a spectacular ski tour in winter. The Razorback starts near the Mount Hotham ski resort and is the shortest route. The proximity of the mountain to this ski resort has led to Mount Feathertop becoming a popular back country skiing destination. The Bungalow Spur track starts near Harrietville. It starts at an elevation of only 480m and after the first few kilometres has steep switchbacks up most of the mountain.

Mountain huts

There are two huts on the mountain. Melbourne University Mountain Club (MUMC) hut is situated on the North-West Spur close to the tree line. It has a unique dome shape, and has an upstairs sleeping area. Federation Hut is situation at the top of Bungalow Spur near Little Feathertop, and was rebuilt in 2005 after it was destroyed by the 2003 Eastern Victorian alpine bushfires.

From 1925 to 1939 Feathertop also boasted a ski lodge, the Feathertop Bungalow, where visitors in summer and winter could get a bed and a meal.


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Rafting atau whitewater rafting adalah aktivitas yang menantang menggunakan pengapung, biasa kita sebut dengan rakit untuk mengemudikan di sungai dan lokasi lain yang serupa. kegiatan ini dapat menjadikan para tim-nya merasa ngeri dan membangkitkan gairah. Olah raga ini mulai dekembangakan secara luas pada pertengahan 1970-an.


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Webbing   : Polyester (Batik Motif)

Insole      : Phylon

Outsole   : High Quality Natural Rubber

Adhesive : High Quality Adhesive rubber

With Nylon Yarn.

Price       : Rp. 83.000,–

Size        : 38  39  40  41  42  43 (Men Size)

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Bulan Desember tahun 2008 ini Akasaka merencanakan untuk memperluas sayapnya ke Jawa Timur. Pimpinan utama PT Karunia Multitradea mengutus marketer kawakan untuk meng’utak-atik’ wilayah tersebut agar menjadi daerah distribusi Akasaka untuk tahun-tahun berikutnya.