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Oke, Sudah sekian lama blog ini berisikan dengan artikel-artikel berbahasa Inggris, namum mulai hari ini dan juga belum tahu sampai kapan :) blog ini akan berisikan dengan artkel berbahasa indonesia. dengan begitu Warga Indonesia tercinta dapat menikmati bahasan yang di Share di blog ini…

Sebelumnya kami mohon maaf karena beberapa waktu yang lalu kami mengatakan bahwa untuk posting-an berbahasa Inggris hanya untuk 10 hari setelahnya, eh malah kebablasan deh… :P

jadi mohon maaf yah… mulai sekarang blog ini akan saya isi dengan berbagai informasi mengenai kegiatan outdoor dan artikel-artikel lainnya yang berkaitan dalam bahasa indonesia, bagaimana?? setuju?? :)


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Champions On Ice Tickets Information Almost 1,000 years ago for Northern European ice-skating was a method of transportation over the frozen passages and waterways. But since skates transformed from animal bones tied to shoes to iron-bladed boots, skating emerged as a competitive sport. The world’s first speed skating race was organized in 1763 held in England. Champions on Ice is actually a touring ice show in the USA produced by Tom Collins Enterprises. This radiant show features a large cast of professional as well as Olympic-eligible figure skaters coupled with novelty acts like skating acrobats. These shows spotlight mostly on solo performances by the skaters rather than group work or acting out stories.

Ice Skating

Champions on Ice show was intially named as “Tour of World Figure Skating Champions” in 1969. This show only offered top amateur skaters who performed under an arrangement with the International Skating Union (ISU). But when the ISU liberalized its amateur status rules in 1990, Collins started to add professional skaters to the tour and also active eligible competitors to add more spice to the show. The tour adopted its current name of “Champions on Ice” in 1998 which no doubt is an apt name for the fascinating performers.

With the passage of time ice-skating mounted to the pinnacle of professionalism and now this sport is known as one of the finest and most entertaining sports of today. These ice skating celebrities are amongst the top stars of the world. And what elegance they show in their performances, simple superb, spectacular! I’ll be giving you a chance to know few of these awesome superstars. The best in ice entertainment, Champions on ice include famous figure skaters such as Michelle Kwan, Timothy Goebel, Irina Slutskaya, and many more!

Shizuka Arakawa Shizuka is the first Japanese woman from Russia to win figure skating gold medal in 2006. Shizuka Arakawa undisputedly engraved her name in sporting history. So far Arakawa is the only skater in Japan who has received three consecutive junior national titles. She grounded her first triple jumps when she was still in her elementary school. She is the third woman from Japan to be a World Champion after Midori Ito who won in 1989 and Yuka Sato in 1994. She also stood 13th when competed in the 1998 Olympic games. Shizuka Arakawa for sure stamped her name in sporting history. She is the first Japanese to win a figure skating title, relegating twice world champion Slutskaya to third. Shizuka won the gold medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Ladies Singles in Turin, Italy on February 23, 2006 also the 2004 World Figure Skating Championship. She is also the first Asian woman who won the Olympic gold medal in figure skating. Shizuka is the second oldest woman to win the Olympic figure skating gold. 5 feet 6 inches Shizuka one of the tallest ladies’ skaters is recognized for her spins and jumping ability, mainly her difficult triple-triple combinations. In 2004, she introduced a Biellmann spin to her catalog. Biellmann requires incomparable back flexibility. Arakawa took about five months to learn this move.

By: Ron Arthur


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Para ilmuan menggunakan model komputer dari temperatur, pola presipitasi, dan sirkulasi atmosfer untuk mempelajari pemanasan global. Berdasarkan model tersebut, para ilmuan telah membuat beberapa prakiraan mengenai dampak pemanasan global terhadap cuaca, tinggi permukaan air laut, pantai, pertanian, kehidupan hewan liar dan kesehatan manusia. beberapa dampaknya akan kami bahas besok…… diantarannya adalah:

  1. Iklim Mulai Tidak Stabil (5 December 2008)
  2. Peningkatan Permukaan Laut (6 December 2008)
  3. Suhu Global Cenderung Meningkat (7 December 2008)
  4. Gangguan Ekologis (8 December 2008)
  5. Dampak Sosial dan Politik (9 December 2008)

-)Artikel besok: “Iklim Mulai Tidak Stabil” (Bag.2)


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Webbing   : Polyester (Batik Motif)

Insole      : Embosed Phylon

Outsole   : High Quality Natural Rubber

Adhesive : High Quality Adhesive rubber

Accessories : Nylon

With Nylon Yarn.

Price       : Rp. 114.000,–

Size        : 36  37  38  39  40

Weight   : 500 gram